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Water Softener Solutions

Top water softener solutions to best meet your needs.


Complete Drinking Water Filtration

Combine the following filtration systems for the most
comprehensive drinking water filtration in your home.


SoftPro Green RO with Advanced Alkalizing Filter


SoftPro Whole House Chlorine+ Filter

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Removal

TDS is anything dissolved in water that is not an H2O molecule. This includes organic and inorganic material, metals, minerals, salts, ions, arsenic, pesticides, fluoride, lead and herbicides.

Chlorine & Chloramine Removal

This is a disinfectant to combat waterborne diseases, pathogens, bacteria and viruses. But it's recommended to filter out chlorine, chloramine and other toxins prior to drinking or bathing..

Water Treatment Sizing
& Analysis

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About Your Report


To help you confidently and properly size a water softener solution to meet your specific needs.


To educate you.

  • Our Water Score Report has graded your local water quality and detailed any water contaminant findings.
  • How to Get the Most from Your Custom Report…
    We are happy to provide you a specific water treatment plan with our expert recommendations..
  • The WISDOM Water Intelligence Engine calculations below has properly sized a water softener system to meet your specific requirements.


Your Water Softener Sizing Calculations

Your Minimum Water Softener
System Size Should Be:


Grain Capacity Or Larger

NOTE: Recommended size is an estimate based on our 30+ years of experience. Actual capacity is based on water hardness, usuage, Iron content and other factors from different water sources.


Solutions For Your Requirements

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  • How many people stay in the RV?

  • Part Time or Full Time?

  • Do you want to protect your softner from unwanted sediment?

  • Are you concerned with harmful contaminants in your water?

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Water Score

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Get the Ultimate Safe & Pure Water

Hey ,

Based on your water quality analysis, our expert team recommends that you utilize a comprehensive filtration combination of:

1) the high flow performance of the Whole House Chlorine+ Filter system, and

2) the Reverse Osmosis (RO)with Advanced Alkalizing filter.

This provides the ultimate safe & pure water throughout every faucet and incredible, healthy drinking water.

Filtration Recommendations

Get the ultimate pure water for your home on both high-performance water filters.


Whole House
Chlorine+ Filter

High flow application for
your whole home.


Reverse Osmosis
Alkalizing Filter

For drinking water.

Benefits of the filtration system combination

  • check_img Remove unhealthy levels of chlorine & chloramine disinfectants
  • check_img Remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that includes impurities, contaminants and viruses
  • check_img Protect Your Family With Purified, Healthy Water
  • check_img Very Effective
  • check_img Cost Efficien
  • check_img Environmentally-Friendly/ Reduce Bottle Waste
  • check_img Improves Taste
  • check_img Fully Automated
  • check_img Convenient, Reliable Filtered Water
  • check_imgDiy Installation
    • Did You Know?

      A home Reverse Osmosis water filtration system (RO) can
      remove up to 98% of contaminants in
      your water.

      UP To



A quality water filtration system removes
numerous impurities and toxins.

Lead 95 - 98%
Fluoride 85 - 92%
Cyanide 84 - 92%
Nitrate 60 - 75%
Barium 95 - 98%
Arsenic 92 - 96%
Mercury 95 - 98%
Chloride 85 - 92%
Phosphate 96 - 98%
Selenium 94 - 96%

Quality, Healthy Water Is Important.


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Empower people to live healthier, happier lives by providing quality water solutions for them and their loved ones.

About Water Scores

Water Scores utilizes a proprietary algorithm to assess the grading. Data was obtained from multiple sources from 2010-2018 including but not limited to the US EPA (ECHO) Database, local company testing reports and SoftPro’s propriatary database. Results and data are deemed reliable but not guaranteed nor warranted. All grades are solely our opinion. You should contact your local water utility company for the most current, accurate testing results.

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About the WISDOM
Water Intelligence Engine

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The SoftPro Water Intelligence Engine is a proprietary AI system developed and exclusively utilized by SoftPro Water System. Our R&D technical team combines decades of industry experience with current product specifications to construct distinct algorithms and calculations. This process undergoes new updates as applicable.

*Calculations & Recommendations
Please note that the calculations and information displayed by this application, while deemed reliable, may not be 100% accurate, correct and/or complete. They are solely the SoftPro’s opinion and based on the user’s input information.

You can find all the disclaimers available in the Terms and Condition page.